57 Murray Street

Murray Street


Argentine Ants

Argentine ants in plague proportions caused widespread distress in Western Australia from the 1940s and the attempted remedies implemented by staff from 57 Murray Street now seem quite amazing.

1912 Health Conference

In 1912, the same year as 57 Murray Street was completed, the Public Health Department hosted a national conference to discuss pressing health issues faced by authorities in Western Australia.

1911 Health Act

This Act of the WA parliament, which was groundbreaking in nature and remains in force today with only minor modifications, was the reason 57 Murray Street was built.

AO Neville - My Grandmother's dealings

As a boy Stephen Kinnane heard stories about his family’s interactions with AO Neville – the enigmatic Chief Protector of Aborigines whose offices were at 57 Murray Street – and how families used their own resourcefulness to bypass the red tape.

AO Neville - More of my Grandmother's dealings

As Stephen Kinnane explains, Aborigines in Western Australia needed all their initiative to get around the oppressive regulation of their lives enforced by AO Neville from his offices at 57 Murray Street.