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Located in Perth, Western Australia, 57 Murray Street was built in 1912 for the Public Health and Medical Department as a centre for government bureaucracy, policy and innovation. The legacies of 57 Murray Street continue to have a deep impact on Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal communities across Western Australia.

Health campaigns that tackled tuberculosis, polio and venereal disease were implemented from 57 Murray Street, while policies that led to the forced removal of Aboriginal children from their families were enacted from offices in the building, including those of Chief Protector of Aborigines AO Neville. Dark chapters contrast with amusing stories about dancing girls, pet rabbits, dynamic doctors and the day to day of government workers.

Share with us the histories, experiences and memories of 57 Murray Street to raise knowledge, awareness and understanding of the influential and significant place.

Former employees as well as specialists in health and Aboriginal history have contributed valuable stories and interviews to the website and your stories are welcome too.

57 Murray Street is on Western Australia’s State Register of Heritage Places. The National Trust (WA) has managed 57 Murray St since 2010 on behalf of the community and government of Western Australia. Curtin University’s Law School will occupy the site from 2016.

Reconciliation is a priority commitment for National Trusts across Australia. A smoking ceremony at 57 Murray Street, Perth has provided a new future by cleansing its rooms, energy and strong emotions associated with the place.


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Take a virtual tour of 57 Murray Street. It has been a place of decisions and dissections and vital links to 20th century Aboriginal history. 57 Murray Street is a powerful symbol of surveillance and control and the appropriation of space and lives of people from Western Australia’s community.


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A Brief History

57 Murray Street was built for the Public Health and Medical Department following the 1911 Health Act.

Campaigns run from here to improve public health ranged from better drainage and housing to containing epidemics including the 1919 Spanish Influenza, tuberculosis and polio.

It was a place of innovation when ideas were changing. Medical discoveries and dissections are reflected in its architecture. It’s also a place of unprecedented government interference in the lives of Aboriginal people.

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