57 Murray Street

Murray Street


Verity Cripps - Working at 57 Murray

57 Murray Street was not only a place of work but, as former typist Verity Cripps explains, it was where lifelong friendships were forged.

Verity Cripps - Working with Dr Stang

Over the years 57 Murray Street was home to a legion of talented and influential health professionals but, as Verity Cripps tells us, few were as exacting as the fast-driving, cigar-smoking Dr EM Stang who pioneered WA’s infant health system.

Tony Calgaret - The Smoking Ceremony

57 Murray Street has a rich history where life-changing decisions were made but, as part of its chance at a fresh beginning, Noongar elders conducted a special smoking ceremony to exorcise the building’s bad spirits.

Tony Calgaret - Anger and Forgiveness

Tony Calgaret’s sense of abandonment and isolation as a child of the Stolen Generations could have scarred him beyond recovery but he has a fascinating outlook on the past and the future for 57 Murray Street.

Tony Calgaret - Boy on a Mission

Tony Calgaret is one of the Stolen Generations, taken from his parents by authorities and raised on a mission for Aboriginal children at Roelands, but what was done ‘for his own good’ set his life on a difficult trajectory.