57 Murray Street

Murray Street


Gina Pickering - Detective work

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Robert Gesmundo - Assisting Ida Mann

Dame Ida Mann’s groundbreaking work during the 1950s in the area of eye disease among Aboriginal people brought her international acclaim and her clerk at 57 Murray Street during those important years was Robert Gesmundo, who still remembers her fondly.

John Douglas - Working in Records

Half a century has slipped by since John Douglas began his career as a Records Clerk at 57 Murray Street and he vividly recalls his first day on the job.

Edwin Dell - The Health Precinct

When Edwin Dell began work in the WA Medical Department more than 50 years ago, his office was at 514 Hay Street and was part of a major health precinct with 57 Murray Street at its centre.

Dr. Criena Fitzgerald - The Lab at 57 Murray Street

In the early years, all kinds of analysis were done in the laboratory at 57 Murray Street on medical samples collected around Western Australia and, as Dr Criena Fitzgerald explains, it was once the only lab in the state.

Brian Devine - Unusual Jobs

Checking for all kinds of air pollution was daily work for the hardworking team in the Clean Air Section from 57 Murray Street and, as Brian Devine explains, they were often asked to perform some unusual jobs.

Brian Devine - City Beach

City Beach is now one of Perth’s favourite beaches but in 1958 it had to be closed after it was linked to an outbreak of typhoid and Brian Devine, newly employed at 57 Murray Street, was there the day the drama unfolded.