57 Murray Street

Murray Street

Robert Gesmundo - Dr Stang

Dr Stang was a card and a half. Her birthday was the same day as mine, the 1st of June, so she’d always have a morning tea and she would always invite me and make me smoke a cigar because she loved the smell of cigars and whether I was puffing, or turning green or whatever, I had to puff this cigar and she would remind me that Marilyn Monroe’s birthday was also on the 1st of June and she used to drive a black Ford Consul and I only went once for a drive with her around Forrest Place and Wellington Street and I swore black and blue I would never drive with her again because she would just flop her hand out the window for signals and doesn’t matter who else was there, she was turning, and that was it. But she was a wonderful lady with a fantastic sense of humour, a loud voice and always very enjoyable to be with. She was great.