57 Murray Street

Murray Street


Dame Ida Mann

History records Dame Ida Mann as one of the great international figures in opthalmology and she did much of her best work from her base at 57 Murray Street.


Exposure to asbestos dust has caused more deaths in Australia than any other single workplace factor and Public Health Department staff from 57 Murray Street helped bring about the closure of asbestos mining and processing in WA.

1919 Flu Pandemic

Up to 50 million people died in the Flu pandemic of 1919 – the worst in recorded history – but Western Australia’s isolation provided no protection and the Public Health Department at 57 Murray Street imposed strict controls.


Imagine a medical condition so devastating that the Public Health Department from 57 Murray Street needed to X-Ray every West Australian to ensure they were safe.


In the early 20th century, Beriberi claimed the lives of many Japanese pearl divers in Broome and the Health Commissioner, working from 57 Murray Street, ordered unusual action to eliminate the disease.